YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas
205,000 s.f. Renovation
Facing the challenges of renovation AND keeping the facility open 100% during the
entire process takes imagination and know-how. Partnered with the YMCA, the
Azimuth project team did just that. To begin, a feasibility study was produced that
provided the road map for the work ahead. Azimuth prepared a Facility Master Plan
for all five floors and consolidated and renovated office space, cardio / fitness areas,
court sports, retail functions, and locker rooms. The building exterior received weather
proofing and finish upgrades. The end result is a terrific “new” facility that allows the
Y to function more efficiently. The membership is happy with the changes, and the
building is in a better position to adapt to the need for expansion in the future.
In addition, Azimuth combined cost-effective, durable, kid-friendly design concepts to
create an exciting new 20,000 s.f. charter school within the Downtown Dallas YMCA
building. The new Pegasus Charter School facility enables the school to accommodate
twice the number of children and provides them access to one of the best fitness
facilities in the City. azimuth developed a creative, energetic design solution while
meeting its timeframe so that the school could open with the new school year. Azimuth
worked with the City of Dallas to assist in the approval of a Special Use Permit. The
project was accomplished successfully without any downtime to the YMCA.