YMCA of Las Colinas
14,600 square foot fitness center, new construction
Azimuth : architecture worked with the Owner/developer and the YMCA to create
a new facility that would enhance the appeal of the surrounding business park
and serve as a community recreation center. A new promenade at the main entrance
of the business park enhances drive-up appeal and establish a new identity
for the campus.
The 14,600 s.f. new construction YMCA was built to suit and designed to fit into
a tight budget and time frame. Stained concrete floors, industrial / tech design
elements, angled walls, and curved ceiling details add energy to the facility interior.
Saturated colors delineate the various fitness program areas. The building was
masterplanned to evolve as the community needs change in the future. This project
is an excellent example of our evolving relationship with the YMCA; the facility is
considered one of their finest.
This Project features:
· Fitness center
· Full-service child care center
· Aerobics Studio
· Spin Room
· Lockers / Showers